Editing Statements


SQLThing has a lot of editing features that you would expect from a good code editor. For example, highlight a parenthesis and then press CTRL+] and SQLThing will find the matching parenthesis. SQLThing also has support for Find, Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace and the recording of keystroke macros. The keystroke assignments for SQLThing’s editing functions can be found and changed via editor’s properties window. This is accessed by right clicking anywhere in the editor and choosing the Properties menu item.

To enter SQL statements into the editor window, just type.  Note that SQLThing does not have word wrap at this time.

The SQLThing editor uses the semicolon character as a statement delimiter.  Once you have finished typing in an SQL statement, end the statement with a semicolon ‘;’ character. Now, if you wish to execute the SQL statement, simply click the Statement menu and then click Execute Current. Alternatively, you can press the Execute Icon, (the one with the yellow lightning bolt) or press F5 to have SQLThing execute the current statement.

For more information, see the Keystroke Reference.