Finding Tables


If you have a large number of objects in your library, the list of objects can be quite large. To help reduce clutter, you can press the PF, TB, LF, VW and AL buttons. Each of these buttons controls what is displayed in the Database Explorer. If the PF button is depressed, physical files are listed in the explorer. If the TB button is depressed, SQL Tables are listed in the explorer. If LF is depressed, logical files are displayed in the explorer. The VW button controls whether SQL Views are displayed in the Explorer. Finally, the AL button determines if Aliases show up in the explorer grid.

In addition to limiting the types of objects, SQLThing can reduce the list to only objects that contain certain text criteria. For example, typing the word ‘control’ into the text box in the toolbar and then pressing the Find button, (the button immediately to the right of the text box), will limit the grid to only objects with the word control in the table name. If you want to search for objects with the work control in the table text, select the Explorer menu then select Filter Text and then select Object Description. This causes SQLThing to limit the grid to objects whose description contains the word found in the text box. To go back to a listing of all objects, remove any text from the text box and click the find icon again.