Printing Reports


SQLThing has several reports available that will assist you in developing queries and maintaining your database.  To run a report on an object, simply select the object in the Database Explorer, (click to highlight or navigate the selection box to the object using the arrow keys), and then right click to display a menu of available options. Under the Reports menu item, you will see the following choices:

  • Basic Attributes

  • Table Columns Reports

  • Database Relations

  • Extended DB Relations

  • Unique Values Report

  • Index Selectivity Report

  • SQL Usable Indexes

  • DB Indexes Report

  • Columns Listing, (All Tables in Library)

Click on a report listed in the menu to invoke that report for the currently selected object.

The Basic Attributes report is like a DSPFD for the object. However, it is rendered in a nice graphical format that lends itself to printing. The Database Relations report is similar to the output of DSPDBR, but it includes the description of the related files in the report and is rendered in a printer friendly graphical format. The Index Selectivity report is unique to SQLThing in that it lists all useable indexes, (indexes and logical files that can be used by the optimizer in implementation of a query over the physical file), and reports statistics about their column usage. An example of the Index Selectivity report and information on how to interpret the report are found in the appendix.