Retrieving Procedure Source


If a procedure has an external name, it is some type of external program on the AS/400. It could be an RPG, Cobol, C or CL program. If this is the case, SQLThing can retrieve the procedure definition, but not the actual procedure source. If the procedure does not have an entry in the “Ext Pgm Name” column, it is a PSM procedure and SQLThing can retrieve the source.  To retrieve PSM source, select the procedure using the mouse or arrow keys and then select the Procedure menu and then the Retrieve Code item. This will cause SQLThing to reverse engineer the procedure into the Procedure Editor window.

If the procedure is an external program, you cannot use the Retrieve Code menu item. However, SQLThing can reverse engineer the procedure declaration. To reverse engineer a procedure declaration, use select the Procedure menu and then select Retrieve Definition. The reverse engineered procedure definition will be displayed in the editor.