Retrieve Query400


This option causes the dialog shown in the graphic below to be displayed. From this dialog, you can navigate to Query400 objects and import them into SQLThing. SQLThing currently allows you to import the SQL used by the query, but a maintenance release in the second quarter of 2003 will enable the importing of Query400 files to SQLThing’s report writer and Grid Reports tools.

To use the Query400 Import, first navigate to the library where the target query resides by using the drop down library list. If your library is not in the list, press the Add button to add the library to the list. Once you have selected a library, SQLThing will populate the grid with the list of Query400 objects in that library. To import a query, simply select the query on the grid and press the Retrieve SQL button. The Query400 object is processed and the SQL is placed into the Windows clipboard. You can then navigate to an SQL Editor Window and paste the query text.