ODBC Class Libraries Overview


Welcome to Client Server Developments Class Libraries for ODBC. These libraries were developed to abstract the programmer from the intricacies of ODBC while using the VB 5.0 development environment. The libraries are pretty well debugged for AS/400 programming and will work with most other ODBC level 2.0 drivers. The class library is currently in use in over 15 client applications that we have written for the AS/400. We hope you find it useful!

**** As of November 1st, over 1,000 people have reported using our class libraries for AS/400 and DB2 Development.  Join the party! The absolute best way to do ODBC. ****

Please send all comments regarding the class library, documentation or bugs to SQLClass@sqlthing.com. As this is the second release of the Class Library, the documentation is quite poor. We hope to have a more polished version soon and welcome any comments or suggestions for the final release. The Class Library is currently in build 2.1.32

**** Mark this page!  Soon, we will be publishing the source code to the ODBC400 Libraries.  You can purchase a copy of the source, with documentation and sample programs, for just $199.00.  The compiled version of the library will continue to be available free ****

You will note as you explore the ODBCSTMT and ODBCCON classes, that some functions are not documented. Rest assured that they will be soon. Please email SQLSupport@sqlthing.com so that I will have your email address. We will keep you apprised of documentation updates. All updates will be posted on the www.sqlthing.com web site and be available for free download.

Please read the enclosed License Agreement prior to using the software.