ATM-400 Deployment

ATM-400 is very versatile in its configuration options, so there are many ways that you might choose to set up your time network. The following depicts three scenarios that illustrate how you might deploy the product.

Syncing with your Windows network

Microsoft Windows servers can act as time servers for your network. Your Primary Domain Controller, (PDC), acts as a time server to all Windows machines in your organization that connect with the PDC. The PDC will automatically attempt to synchronize its clock with time.Microsoft.com or with a network time device or internet location if you have changed the default configuration. You might want to point ATM-400 at the IP address of your PDC, and then your iSeries will be synchronized with all of the Windows clients and servers on your network.

Syncing with an internal time device

You can purchase a network time device to act as a synchronization point for all machines on your network. In this scenario, you could point each machine to the time device, or point your PDC to the device and point all machines on your network to the PDC.


An alternate to the configuration shown above is to point all devices on the network to the network time device rather than the primary domain controller. This means that if the primary domain controller is unavailable or becomes corrupted, the network devices will still maintain correct time.

Syncing with an external server

You could point your iSeries machines to a time server available on the Internet. This is not recommended as many internet time servers are overloaded. However, you might choose to point a single machine on your network to point to an internet time source and then point all machines on the network to that machine.  The following diagram shows a representation of this scenario.

Syncing with a time device

Another scenario is to sync with an internal clock system in your factory. Many commercial timekeeping systems are controlled by a PC which is connected to the master clock system in a facility. Many of these commercial systems can act as time servers. This configuration allows all clocks and time clocks in factory to be synchronized with all PC and other computers in a facility.

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