Importance of Time Management

Why is time management important? Well, consider the following: a logistics company has signed a contract guaranteeing 15 minute response time to all transactions. The clock on their iSeries is 5 minutes fast when compared to the atomic clock. Now, they have limited themselves to a window of only 10 minutes to complete the transaction.

Or how about this scenario: an insurance company with multiple locations and several iSeries boxes implements distributed transactions between Windows servers and the iSeries. The Windows servers sync to the atomic clock, the iSeries servers are not synced to anything thereby making it harder to follow distributed transactions by system timestamp or to find the temporal order of operations.

Finally, remember that the iSeries and AS/400 systems have two clocks, one software and one hardware. Our product synchronizes both clocks to the time on the time server, not just the software clock. If you are not synchronizing both clocks, it is possible for transaction audit trails not to agree because one program might rely on a call to the hardware clock, whilst another program is checking the software clock.

This product solves all of your synchronization needs, and it's only $499.00 per iSeries. Order Now!

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