SQLThing Enterprise Edition Just click here and download a 90 day trial version of SQLThing Enterprise Edition.

Atomic Time Manager 400  Download a copy of ATM-400 and see if this product is right for you. You can use it on a production machine, because the demo does not set your time, only sends messages to the System Operator letting you know what it would have done.

Import Expert 400  Download a 30 day trial of our Import tool.

ODBC Class Libraries These libraries abstract the programmer from the intricacies of ODBC programming. Use extended fetch to retrieve records at over 3,500 records per second. Use multi-row insert techniques to post records at over 1,000 records per second. Fill out the registration page and begin experiencing ultimate performance today! (Performance figures based on 9406-50s using V3R7) Download

Sample connect and Extended Fetch This little VB project allows you to connect to the AS/400, run a statement and run a statement using extended fetch. Use it as a starter! Requires the ODBC400 Class Libraries Object! Download

SQLThing Freeware Edition Our premiere free product allows for import, export and testing of SQL queries against any ODBC 2.0 compliant data source, optimized for the AS/400 and DB2 Universal! Import records @ > 1,000 records per second. Retrieves query results at > 3,500 records per second. Of course, if you like the product you will really like Howard's book. So why not order a copy today and get the product on CD? Don't want the book, just click this link to Download