Client Server Developments
AS/400, iSeries and SQL Reference Pages

The purpose of these pages is to provide a resource to those in the AS/400 community who are interested in SQL. Because SQL access to the AS/400 is diverse, you will find information about a variety of topics on these pages, from Active Server Pages to JDBC Performance. Should you have any items you would like to see published, contact hfarner@sqlthing.com As always, please remember that we are available for consulting with your data access issues, projects and problems.

Client Server Information
ADO Overview
ADO Best Practices for Client Server and n-Tier Development with the AS/400
DSN-Less Connections with ADO
SQL 5001 Error, Also *N Error in Access and Crystal Reports
Finding Tables and Libraries in Crystal Reports
Setting Up Views Optimized for Crystal Reports
ADO Disconnected Record set
Excel Index Listing Spreadsheet Macro
Setting up Client Access ODBC
Client Access ODBC Connection Strings FAQ
Calling a procedure from Excel using a Form
NEW! Using .Net to Automate Excel Spreadsheets

Using SQL: Tips and Questions
Using Unions for dependent file selection
Getting a good list of indexes/logical files
Automatic Rolling Year or Month Query
Symmetric Outer Join Using Case
Sales Compared to Last Year using Date Math
Views for Query 400
Using Case to Segregate Data
Self Joing Illuminated...

Performance Information/Tips
Ask for only what you need....
Retrieving Job Information
Starting and Stopping Debugging
PowerPoint: Planning and Tuning Queries against Legacy Systems
Encoded Vector Indexes
SQL Packages and Common Problems

Procedures and Functions
Calling a Procedure from a User Defined Function.
UDF For Legacy Dates
Real Date to JD Edwards Conversion Function
JD Edwards Date Conversion Function
Dropping Procedures
Calling a procedure from Excel using a Form
Calling a procedure from Excel
A Procedure to Return Information about Members
Calling CL Programs as Stored Procedures
Calling a procedure from .Net