About our services...

CSD offers both consultation and programming expertise to our clients. We can provide mentoring and training to your staff, act as a technical assistance backstop during your development, offer strategic planning assistance or outsource your project from start to finish. We are flexible in the nature of our contracts and services and can tailor our consulting, products and services to the specific needs of your company or project.

CSD is a small but growing company that features a core leadership group of top industry professionals. CSD is not a body shop; we are a professional consultancy striving to impart our staffs varied industry experience to our clients. Our non-contract staff draws from over 55 years of IT experience in varied application development and integration projects such as data mining, data warehousing, process control, knowledge discovery, expert systems programming, statistical analysis, online analytical processing, SQL development/optimization and data retrieval optimization against very large database systems.

Products, Services and Rates

CSD as a development and project resource

CSD offers phone consulting to various companies on a per hour basis. Hours can be sold in block in order to reduce the cost per hour. Our standard rate is $150.00 per hour with time prorated to the nearest 15-minute increment. This is ideal for companies that wish to use our integration and programming experience as a support and technical resource for their staffs. In addition, many of our clients use this payment method for support of SQL optimization, project design and staff mentoring.

CSD as a software house

CSD also offers programming services to its clients. This can be anything from small coding of portions of a project up to delivery of complete packaged solutions. The projects we have tackled vary from small intranet systems, enterprise information portals, e-commerce and B2B web programming, data warehouse design and implementation, expert system creation and data mining studies/implementation. The prices for these services can be based on a fixed price bid, charged by the hour or in some cases based on revenue sharing agreements. Title and copyright to developed software typically resides with CSD, but can be licensed or fully transferred to the client.