SQLThing Enterprise Edition

Database Explorer

The SQLThing EE Database Explorer allows you to navigate your iSeries libraries and files quickly and easily. From the Database Explorer interface, you can quickly choose a library and see all physical files, logical files, sql tables, views and aliases in the library. 

Sophisticated filtering allows you to choose the objects you want to see. For example, you could type the word PARTS into the filter and only objects with the word PARTS in their object description would appear in the list. This helps you quickly navigate to the object you want to see out of the thousands of objects in a typical iSeries library.

Out type ahead feature automatically scrolls the window to the first object that matches the characters you are typing, and you can re-sort or change the layout of the explorer grid to your liking. Unlike Operations Navigators kludge tree view interface, our interface shows the object name, description, number of columns and other vita metadata in an easy to use spreadsheet interface. 

Once you have found an object, you can run reports about the object like our

  • Extended Database Relations
  • Index Selectivity Report
  • SQL Usable Indexes
  • and a host of others...

You can also choose to create a quick SQL statement, retrieve the Create Table or Create View statement for an object, have SQLThing automatically find related objects and create database diagrams.

Click Here to see a movie of the Database Explorer in action.