SQLThing Enterprise Edition

Procedure Editor

SQLThing's procedure editor blows away the competition with the following key features:

  • Function Wizard
  • Procedure Wizard
  • Trigger Wizard
  • Tool-Tips pop up for syntax help
  • Intilli-sense like popup templates of functions and code skeletons
  • Color coded editing
  • Save to member, save to PC File
  • Retrieve Procedure Defintiions and code from the iSeries
  • Harvest iSeries generated C Code.

SQLThing allows for full testing of stored procedures without writing any code, SQLThing automatically prompts for any required parameters and shows you the results of your procedure.

SQLThing can generate Java wrapper classes to call your procedures saving you the tedium of typing. It can also generate VB Script for calling procedures from ASP pages.

Click Here to see a flash presentation about the features of the procedure editor.

Click Here to see the SQLThing Documentation.