SQLThing Enterprise Edition

Programmer Productivity Tools

SQLThing has many tools that will make you a more productive programmer.

If you are developing procedures, SQLThing can generate Java classes to represent the procedures, generate VB code to call the procedures or you can use our Trigger, Procedure and Function wizards to create code templates you can use in development.

If you are developing SQL, our Insert, Update and Delete wizards will not only generate SQL, they can generate the VB code to call the statement and set the parameter markers.

If you are doing SQL select statements, the Query Wizard will help you generate complex common table expressions or make simple select statements in seconds. Using the SQL Editor, you can then generate active server pages to display results on the web or generate VB code to call your statement.

SQLThing has Function, Procedure and Trigger wizards that generate the template code for creating a procedure, function or trigger saving you from having to pull out the manual to remember syntax variations.

Pressing CTRL+Space in any of our editors produces a list of functions and code skeletons that you can paste into the editor. These are stored in an XML file that you can extend to include your own code templates and user defined functions.

SQLThing automatically displays a tool-tip for function arguments when you are typing a function into the editor. You can edit the function definition XML file to include your own function definitions and tool tips.