SQLThing Enterprise Edition

Query Diagram

SQLThing EE now has a full DB2 SQL parser that can parse your queries to our internal representation.  What does that mean to you? Well, starting with version 4.2 we include a query diagram option to help you see what you are asking the iSeries to do.  See, Ops Nav has visual explain, and it shows you how the iSeries is going to implement your query.  Our diagram is a modified Venn tree that shows you how you are relating the objects accessed in your query together.

It's not just a pretty picture, the diagram is completely interactive. It labels each object with its name, alias in the query and object type. Objects are shaded based on the type of object: i.e. Tables are white, DDS Physical files are light grey, Views are chartreuse, etc. You have complete control over the colors for each type of object. Right clicking on an object in the diagram allows you to access meta data about that object. For example: right clicking on a view allows you to decompose the view to a diagram, run a columns report, open the interactive columns window and a host of other options. Right clicking on a join symbol allows you to see the on clause or run a combined indexes report over the objects joined together.

Click Here to see a query diagram.

Click Here to see an interactive movie showing how to use the diagram feature.