SQLThing Enterprise Edition

Product Overview/FAQ

Why SQLThing? Isn't Client Access Express Free?

Yes, CA Express has Run SQL Scripts, which allows you to run a statement and see results. And, CA Express is free. But remember, you get what you pay for.  SQLThing is written in C++ and Java and is tuned to talk to the iSeries. After entering a query into CA, you can take a coffee break while waiting for the results. With SQLThing, you can retrieve hundreds of records per second into our grid viewer.

Does SQLThing support parameters?

Yes. SQLThing will automatically prompt for any parameters required by a query. SQLThing determines the type of parameter and ensures you enter the correct data.  SQLThing also persists the parameters so that subsequent calls to the same procedure or statement can use the same parameters. It is important to test your queries the way they will be executed in the application program becasue the optimizer may choose a different implementation of the query based on hard coded values. Since using parameters in statements is a best practice for SQL we support testing statements with parameters. CA Express can not test statements that have parameter markers.

Can I test stored procedures?

Yes, SQLThing not only has a procedure editor, it allows you to test the stored procedures without having to code a program.  In addition, SQLThing can output a Java Class with getr and setr methods for all procedure parameters saving you valuable coding time.  VB users will appreciate out generation of VBScript procedure wrapper code also.

Can I add breaks and subtotals to query results?

Yes. When viewing the results of a query you can bring up our Grid Formater which allow you to define totals/subtotals and set additional beak columns. Once you design a format, you can persist the query and formatting information to an XML file so that you can load and run the query again and again or distribute it to end users using our End User Tool.

How can SQLThing save me time making a query?

Once of the hardest things to do is develop queries where you are joining several tables together. SQLThing makes this easy by offering a query wizard that not only knows how to join tables, it can even join tables to other SQL statements.  The wizard is similar to using the Access Query designer.

Can SQLThing help me optimize my SQL?

Yes! The best source of information about your SQL statement is from the job log, and SQLThing has an integrated job log viewer. By placing your job in debug mode, a simple press of a button in SQLThing, you can see all of the iSeries optimizer messages and warnings about your query.  This is invaluable in diagnosing performance problems.

Can SQLThing export my data?

The results of any query can be sent to many different ISAM data files.  We currently support exporting to:

  • Access
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Lotus 123
  • dBase
  • Paradox
  • Foxpro
  • XML
  • Text
  • CSV