Import Expert 400

Here is a set of screen shots that show how you use the program.

This is the first screen you see when you start up the program. Here you select the data source and log in.

Once you connect to a data source, you have to connect to your iSeries.

Once connected to the iSeries, you can then pick the source data that you want to import.

Once you have selected an input source, you can select which fields you want to import.

After selecting the fields you want to import, you can then adjust the SQL statement using our graphical SQL Editor, just like in SQLThing Enterprise!

Next, you can re-define the column names, descriptions and headers that the 400 Import Expert will use when creating the file on your iSeries.

Once you have your target file ready, simply press initiate transfer to move the data! Pressing Save Transfer Definition causes the program to produce a VBScript automation program that you can save to run this import again.

Any errors are logged to an error database which you can view. To order this program, Click Here!