Client Server Development
CSD offers both consultation and programming expertise to our clients. We can provide mentoring and training to your staff, act as a technical assistance backstop during your development, offer strategic planning assistance or outsource your project from start to finish. We are flexible in the nature of our contracts and services and can tailor our consulting, products and services to the specific needs of your company or project. More...

HazCat Tablet PC Software

CSD has just finished a awesome tablet PC client server application for use by first responders in evaluating unknown chemical or biological materials. Designed for use in a restrictive environment, the system communicates test results in real time to an incident command server software located anywhere in the world. This system will be used by agencies like Homeland Security, Customs, Fire Departments and more. Click Here to see the technology behind this innovative project.

Atomic Time Manager 400

Synchronize your iSeries and AS/400 hardware and software clocks with any NTP time server. Automatically adjust you clocks for daylight savings time! It's easy to install, and then you never have to worry about time again! Great for helping to meet HIPPA requirements and shops with distributed transactions. More...

SQLThing Enterprise Edition

We have put a whole slew of information about the latest release of SQLThing Enterprise Edition on our products page. Click here for product information or Click Here to access the documentation online. Find out what SQLThing can do for you today!

SQL Book Available!
Howard F. Arner, Jr. has written a guide to SQL on the iSeries and AS/400 platform. The book is titled, iSeries and AS/400 SQL at Work and you can order a copy right now from this site! Howard is really proud of the book, as it takes the reader through SQL on the AS/400 by example. The book comes with a copy of SQLThing and all of the data required to perform every query listed in the book. Because you are doing instead of just reading, you retain the information much better. Click Here to order a copy today.

See the Query Wizard Movie!
This is the first in a series of animations that show how SQLThing Enterprise Edition works. Click Here to view the animated movie and see how the Query Wizard can make your life easier by taking the drudgery out of creating queries! Click Here to view and demo of the Query Wizard doing common table expressions and formatting results. Please note, the demos are optimized for viewing @ 800x600 resolution or higher.















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