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Look, I'm a weird AS/400 person as I know almost no RPG at all. I started using the AS/400 as a database server to take advantage of it's robust implementation of DB2 in 1995 and until year 2000, I used it almost exclusively in client server environments. Any server side programs were written in C using embedded SQL. I know how to make this beast perform in that kind of environment, as I have built systems on the AS/400 using SQL that process over 2.5 million SQL requests a day and deliver information not only to in house fat clients but also rendering HTML to browsers all over the world. Systems where single tables hold over 60,000,000 records and must be joined to other gargantuan tables. If you need to do client server or web based programming against the AS/400, this book has the information you need to code effective SQL statements.

In late 1999 I started consulting with shops that had legacy systems on the AS/400. From this work, I gained insight into the techniques record level access programmers used when laying out physical and logical files on the AS/400 and how to make SQL perform against these types of tables. I have worked with numerous packages on the AS/400, adding EIS and OLAP systems built using SQL or doing complex reporting using Crystal Reports, and I tried to bring that experience to the book. So, this is not just a book detailing how to create a table in SQL, as most of you already have tables currently on your AS/400. This book tells you how to deal with those tables and create SQL statements that will rock the house with their performance and scalability. It also deals with some of the issues that are unique to using SQL in a legacy environment.

I know the AS/400 database inside and out, from an SQL perspective, and I can teach it to you that way. I relate the concepts in terms you already know, and teach you the grammar of relational databases. SQL is the future of the AS/400 platform, and I think I have a book that can not only teach you SQL, but can also teach you the advanced queries, performance tuning and database concepts you need to enhance your job performance and you career.

So, please order a copy of my book and start moving your company into new realms of productivity with SQL.

Chapter Listing
Relational Concepts and Terms
SQL Select Basics
Manipulating Data in SQL Tables
Advanced Select Statements
Cursors, Transactions, Journals and Logging
Debugging SQL Statements and Enhancing Performance
Stored Procedures
Embedded SQL in RPG
Appendix A, AS/400 System Catalogue
Appendix B, AS/400 Scalar Functions
Appendix C, Software Loading Instructions

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Arner (a programmer who has published extensively on integration of AS/400 legacy systems) provides detailed coverage of SQL for business environments relying throughout on practical examples to be performed by the reader using the enclosed CD- ROM. Following discussions of SQL relational concepts and terms, the more advanced chapters teach how to become proficient in industry standard SQL to manipulate AS/400 data, use scalar functions to summarize data, and make legacy RPG and COBOL programs AS/400 compatible. This guide will be useful both to beginners or those who are already adept with SQL. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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Great learning tool !, December 20, 2001
Reviewer: Jonathan Tripp from Deerfield Beach, FL USA
Anyone working with AS400 query should look into buying this book. Not only does Howard explain how SQL works, he also gives working examples with the sample data included on the CD. Now using AS400 query seems a little odd and very cumbersome.
His writing is laid out very well and easy to read. While reading this, I felt that he was actually there explaining the chapters to me as a one on one instructor.

Great Job!

Best for PC/400 software developers, June 19, 2001
Reviewer: Bob Butcherfrom Sidney, New York United States
If you wondered how to call AS400 programs from your Visual Basic program correctly, this book is your one source for how to do it.

First book on the market that answered all of my client/server questions when I deal with PC to AS400 programming tasks!

Not only does Howard do a good job of explaining how stored procedures work, but gives some great coding examples on how to get you up and running correctly. He goes the extra mile and talks about performance too, one thing that normally is lacking in many others out there.

Nice job Howard. Look forward to others in the future!