Import Expert 400

The Import Expert 400 product can move data from virtually any data source to your iSeries or AS/400 system. It uses a proprietary bulk loading technique which gives it a real performance advantage. Here is just a partial list of data sources we support:

Any OLEDB Source, Any ODBC Source, Exchange, Access, DB2 Universal, Oracle, Paradox, dBase, Excel, Lotus 123, CSV, HTML Tables, Sybase, SQL Server and more...

Using the product is simple

  1. You identify the source database
  2. Choose whether you want to import to an existing table or create a table
  3. Select the source file to import
  4. If importing to an existing file, map the source fields to the target file fields. Otherwise, you can adjust the field names, descriptions and headers for the iSeries file that the program will create.
  5. Press Initiate Transfer and watch those records scream across the network!

Best of all, the product is only $399 per workstation or order 5 copies and you get a site license! Order Now!

Another important feature is that all internal objects in the program are exposed, so you can write scripts to control the product and automate the import process. Once you use the GUI to create an import specification, a simple button click causes the program to write an automation script for you in VBScript. You can then tailor the script logic and place the script into the Windows schedule to have automatic, timed updates.

Click Here to see a sample script!

Click Here to see an animation of the product in action! (requires flash)

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Click Here to see a PDF Brochure for the product.

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