Meet the Team

A company is only as good as its people. Here are brief overviews of the careers and accomplishments of our founders and principals.

Carla D. White – President and CFO

Ms White brings eleven years of IT experience to the table specifically targeted to Microsoft product support and integration, networking, client support and help desk management. She is an expert in the configuration and support of the following operating systems: Windows 95/98 desktops, Windows NT Server and all of the Windows 2000 versions excluding Data Center. Ms White also programs in the Visual Basic programming environment, does HTML design, programs active server pages and other VBA applications. She has both broad and intimate knowledge of desktop and server applications and their role and support in large organizations. She concentrates on the business development of CSD and ensuring that clients are properly served by all of the company’s abilities and assets.

Howard F. Arner, Jr. – Vice President

Mr. Arner has almost twenty years of IT experience. He has created systems for industries such as health care, hazardous waste disposal, media advertisement statistical reporting, quality assurance and facilities management. Mr. Arner has chaired several academic and industry conferences on the Prolog language, knowledge discovery and data mining and has published several papers. In addition to his work at CSD, he was the editor of the Microsoft Computing section of Midrange Computing magazine and has published over 70 articles in the trade press. His first book, iSeries and AS/400 SQL at Work, is currently available. Mr. Arner is recognized as an industry expert on the DB2 platform, its implementation on the AS/400 and on the ODBC and OLEDB data access methodologies. He programs in Visual Basic, C/C++, Prolog, Lisp, SQL, Scheme and JavaScript.

Dr. Albert E. Rust, III PhD – Chief Scientist

Dr. Rust has over 30 years programming experience in the IT industry. His PhD is from the University of South Florida and is in Statistics. Dr. Rust programs in the C, C++, PL/1, Prolog, Lisp, JavaScript, Java, SQL and Scheme languages. He has designed programs and systems for large hospitals, waste disposal, fertilizer, retail and aerospace industries. Dr. Rust is a recognized expert in the fields of knowledge discovery and data mining and has produced cutting edge implementations of data mining algorithms for the OS/400 and PC environments. Dr. Rust brings a native and intimate understanding of both hardware and software design to the table and broadens CSD’s offerings by allowing them access to his incredible intellect and intuitive understanding of mathematics and information theory. Dr Rust is fluent in both Russian and French.