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It's an SQLThing!

SQLThing is an SQL editor/execution environment optimized for DB2. It allows the user to develop, test, optimize and extract data from SQL statements and stored procedures. SQLThing can be used to test parameterized statements, retrieve data, export data or import data to the AS/400 and DB2 Universal Platforms.

SQLThing is shipped with the book, iSeries and AS/400 SQL at Work available from this website. The version available with the book is also mirrored on this web site.

Key Benefits
•Import from virtually any data source to the AS/400 or DB2 Universal
•Export to any ODBC or supported ISAM format.
•Test SQL statements.
•View results of SQL statements.
•Copy results to the windows clipboard.
•Create spreadsheets and cross-tabs.
•Tight integration with the AS/400 & DB2 Universal operating environment.
•Easy to use Windows Interface.
•Table and Column information windows

Why buy SQLThing?
In your typical workweek, do you:

Have to extract data from an AS/400 or DB2 Universal to other file formats?
Need to import data to your AS/400 or DB2 Universal server?
Need to get some information for the bosses presentation/meeting/etc in five minutes or their will be heck to pay?
Need to test stored procedure or parameterized queries?
Get sick and tired of how slow Run SQL Scripts is?

How Fast Is It?

In a production shop, we have queries that return over 3,500 records per second and have seen query retrieval times as fast as 10,000 records per second. (Model 9406 50s 10mb Ethernet V3R7)

Most SQLThing exports run at greater than 1,000 records per second.

SQLThing does multi-row binding, this means DB2 Imports can run at > 1,000 inserted records per second. In a recent warehouse load, we averaged 1,800 records per second on a table with two indexes, 2 foreign keys and 1 primary, (non journaled for import purposes).

Marketing Materials
SQLThing Brochure 1 -- SQLThings Editor Window PDF Format

SQLThing Brochure 2 -- SQLThings Parameters Window PDF Format

SQLThing Product Positioning Statement PDF Format

Click here to download an evaluation copy of SQLThing.

System Requirements
Any AS/400 which has V3 operating level or above, CISC or RISC. Client is a Windows 95/98/ME/NT or 2000 machine with MDAC 2.1, Client Access ODBC or HiT Software ODBC driver.